Advantages of Online Gold Investment Ahead of 2023 – Talking about investment assets, gold will never lose its shine. This precious metal has even proven capable of maintaining a stable price during the last pandemic. Even in 2020, gold was able to soar to Rp. 1 million per gram, the highest value in history.

This is what will always make gold a safe haven and will be hunted again when economic conditions worsen. Especially with the many predictions of a dark economy in 2023, investors are starting to take their ‘stances’ and buy back gold or divert their investment funds to this precious metal.

It’s no wonder that there will be an increase in demand for gold investment, making this asset provide various conveniences in offering.

If in the past you had to buy gold at least one gram, now you can buy 24K gold in smaller pieces.

Pegadaian even offers a Gold Savings product, allowing you to deposit cash and it is immediately converted to gold prices in real time.

However, the times have led to the emergence of online gold investment. Is this type of gold investment much better than storing physical gold? Continue to read the following reviews so that you can make the right consideration.

Gold Potential as an Investment in 2023

Advantages of Online Gold Investment Ahead of 2023

Before understanding more about the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold online, there’s nothing wrong with briefly discussing the potential for gold to shine in 2023.

As you know, it is common knowledge that in the coming year it is predicted that the global economy will experience a downturn because many countries will slide into recession.

For your information, during 2022 gold has made every effort to maintain its price in the midst of world economic conditions and increasingly uncertain market sentiment.

Even in March 2022, the price of gold had bounced back which was triggered by the war conflict in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine.

It’s just that when the Fed (Federal Reserve) as the central bank of the United States raised its benchmark interest rate, gold corrected. Not to mention when the US dollar strengthened, the price of gold slowly decreased.

For your information, Investing reported that the price of gold futures for delivery in December 2022 which was reported at the end of October was able to increase 0.89% to a level of US$1,672 per ounce. Previously, in early March 2022, the price of gold futures was at the level of US$.043 per ounce.

However, according to Kontan, the latest news states that the Fed’s efforts to continue raising its benchmark interest rate in 2023 in order to survive a recession will make the price of gold shine even more.

Alwi Assegaf as an analyst at Global Kapital Investama said that when the Fed starts to slow down in raising benchmark interest rates, then that is the best opportunity for gold to soar.

This is because the Fed itself is still divided internally between those who want to raise interest rates at the end of 2022 and those who reject an increase in interest rates.

Even so, Alwi did not deny that the price of gold would continue to be depressed until the end of 2022.

New good news will occur when gold has the potential to rebound in early 2023. Predictions say that the Fed will only raise the benchmark interest rate by 25-50 bps next year, which makes gold take a deep breath to increase its price.

It is not impossible that in the end gold will again become a safe haven asset and it is very obligatory to collect it.

If Antam’s gold had fallen to its lowest level in September 2022, towards the end of this year it could have gone to IDR 965 thousand. Of course it is the right moment if you are investing in gold online at this time.

Here are 7 Advantages of Online Gold Investment

Basically this online gold investment is that you keep buying gold in its traditional concept, namely 24K precious metals, instead of gold futures or securities derivative products on the stock exchange.

So you don’t need to worry because you will still be able to have a physical form of gold. So as not to get confused, here are some of the benefits offered:

1. Affordable Capital

You could say this is the most basic advantage of online gold investment. Yep, you don’t need to spend a lot of capital and immediately buy one gram of 24K physical gold.

Because the capital needed to invest in gold via the internet can even start with only IDR 100,000. Later the deposited capital will be converted directly to gold prices in real time.

2. Easy to Do

Usually if we want to collect gold, we have to buy it first at the nearest gold shop, either Antam or Pegadaian. You have to carry large amounts of cash which is definitely a hassle and quite a security threat.

Not to mention if the location of the shop to buy gold is quite far from home and you have to go through traffic jams, it will obviously make you lazy. But with online gold investment, you can do it practically via smartphone without queuing.

3. Don’t bother saving

There are countless stories of theft of physical gold even when it is kept safely at home.

For this reason, many people use safe deposit box services at several financial institutions, in order to store their physical gold.

It’s just that if you invest in gold online, you don’t have to bother paying for storage services or worry about it being stolen at home, because usually online investment service providers already have a special safe.

4. Monitorable

For online gold investment, it is definitely done through an intermediary platform. So, the existence of this platform will make it very easy for you because you can monitor the gold balance you have, the purchase price, and the selling price of gold in an updated manner as well.

That way you as an investor don’t have to go back and forth to the gold shop or know about market movements which in turn make decision making easier.

5. No Administration

What makes investing in gold online more profitable is the minimal to no administrative fees. This happens because all transactions are carried out through internet intermediaries so that it is much easier without the burden of administrative costs.

Even if there is, usually the burden given is very small so it doesn’t affect your investment capital. Not to mention the selling price and the buying price of gold which have a small difference, making you even more profitable.

6. Easy Cashless Purchase

Buying gold must carry large amounts of cash? Of course not everyone can do it calmly.

Carrying large amounts of cash can pose a security threat so you might consider investing online instead.

Because through internet intermediaries, gold buying and selling activities can be paid via online transfer directly to the account.

7. Can Have Physical

The last advantage if you want to invest in gold online is that you can still get gold in physical form.

As long as it is done on a trusted platform that is guaranteed and registered by the OJK (Financial Services Authority), you can convert the gold balance in online form to physical gold.

Later the physical gold (minimum print of 0.5 grams) can be sent directly to your home complete with transaction certificates and insurance.


Of course, with a number of advantages discussed above, it was revealed that there are many advantages offered by online gold investment.

Those of you who want to stick to this one safe haven asset will obviously benefit more and don’t need to bother anymore. Can be done anywhere, making the investment can be maximized.

Not to mention the opportunity that gold will experience an increase in price during the upcoming 2023 recession, making this one investment asset always promising. So, when do you want to start investing in gold?

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