Example of Big Profit Small Capital Business

Ultracialis.com – Running a business or business is one way to get additional income, especially for those of you who don’t like working as employees or employees.

Even though it is relatively small, the profits generated are quite tempting. This is the underlying reason for starting to pursue a small business.

For its own kind, now there are examples of big profit small capital businesses that you can get easily. Some of them can even be run at home without having to own or rent a shop, so the prospects are more promising.

Example of Big Profit Small Capital Business

Example of Big Profit Small Capital Business

Some people think that starting a business requires large capital. Understanding like this is actually not all true. It has been proven that several businesses, especially those based on creativity, have relatively small capital.

You only need to set the intention, persistence and the right strategy, then a profit is no longer a dream. What are you curious about? Here’s a brief description:

1. Simple pulse counter

One of the small capital businesses that can be recommended is to open a credit selling business. This business is considered very profitable and can last for a long time, especially if the place of sale is in a strategic location.

We know that the need for pulses at this time is like a staple. Anyone need credit for just communication or social media.

You can calculate the capital itself, namely for a small storefront of 300 thousand, a starter pack of 1 pack of 200 thousand and a deposit of 500 thousand. With just 1 million rupiah, you can run this small business

2. Dropshippers

For those of you who like to surf the internet and have a lot of relationships there’s nothing wrong with trying a business by becoming a dropshipper and selling other people’s products.

This business is considered easy because you don’t need to store goods, just forward orders for goods to suppliers. Besides that, another convenience is that you don’t need to spend additional capital except internet quota to serve buyers.

Remember to run this business, the most important thing is to find a trusted supplier so that buyers don’t feel disappointed with the items offered

3. Open a modern coffee shop

An example of a business with the next big profit is selling coffee, especially with a contemporary setting. We know that coffee for our society has become a way of life and is in demand by all walks of life.

This reason makes this business a promising business opportunity. Well, to start this business you have to look for coffee from the original producer, so the purchase price is cheaper.

For the place itself you can rent a stand, if it feels heavy, the terrace of the house can also be a place to sell. To be more widely known, create social media by displaying the coffee shop.

4. Private Course Services

If you have special skills, for example a foreign language, music or a particular subject. Opening private course services can be a business opportunity that can bring big profits.

Especially for private teachers of general subjects in elementary, middle and high schools. As for the place itself, you don’t need to worry.

This private course can be done by visiting the student’s house. So, the main capital that you need is just skill. In order for this business to be recognized quickly, use social media to promote it.

5. Home Laundry Services

This laundry business is no less recommended. We know that everyone needs clean clothes to wear every day. The many busy lives and work routines force a person to lose time doing household chores such as washing clothes.

So that this example of a small capital business with big profits is a business opportunity that is endless and can provide quite large profits.

As for the place, you don’t need to be confused because even a private house can be a place for this laundry. Especially if your house is located on the side of the road, of course it will be more crowded and easy for people to see.

6. Open a Home Catering Service

If you have a hobby of cooking, there’s nothing wrong with channeling this hobby by opening a home catering service.

Usually, many people look at this home catering for various events such as congratulations or family gatherings.

Apart from having a relatively small capital, this business is easy to run, even just from home. Offer your home catering menu to friends or on social media to reach more consumers.

7. Online Shop

This business is a business that is on the rise. This means that you only need to create a stall on the internet and sell products by placing a photo on the stall’s page. If there is an order, just send or COD.


The reviews above are some examples of small capital businesses with big profits that can become business recommendations amidst the ever-increasing needs of life.

For those of you who are planning to open a restaurant or food business, you can use an order manager to help manage all online food delivery.

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