Property or Gold Investment, Which is More Appropriate for Millennials? – Property and gold are investments that are still a favorite among Indonesians. Although both are still favorites, each of these investments has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold and property? Come on, see the following explanation.

Advantages of Property Investment

Advantages of Property Investment

1. Higher yield

Property investment is a long-term investment, so the profit is also relatively high. Property is indeed more profitable than gold, but at least you have to invest for 10 years. Property prices also increase every year, at least 6%.

2. Have regular income

Rapid technological advances have made many start-up companies develop various apps. One of them is an app that provides services for renting houses or properties. This could be an opportunity to get regular additions from property tenants.

3. Easier to serve as collateral

Property is easier to use as collateral or collateral if you need money suddenly. Property can also be used as collateral if you want to buy a new home.

Disadvantages of Property Investment

Disadvantages of Property Investment

1. Must pay maintenance fees and taxes

If the house is not occupied for a long time, it will certainly require greater maintenance costs. An uninhabited house is prone to mold, mildew, leaks and other damage. Owning a property also requires you to pay land and building taxes, IMB, and others.

2. Difficult to liquidate and prone to disputes

When you need fresh funds as soon as possible, you cannot rely on this investment because selling a property takes a long time, it can take more than 1 year. Owning property can also become a dispute if its history is not traced.

3. Need big capital

Because of the high selling price, it’s no wonder that to have a property investment you also need big capital.

Advantages of Gold Investment

Advantages of Gold Investment

1. Easy to sell

When you need money urgently, gold bars can be a lifesaver because they can be easily cashed out or turned into money again. Just come to the Pawnshop, your financial problems can be resolved.

2. Antidote to inflation

Gold can withstand the flow of inflation. Even though there were times when gold decreased, the time was only short.

3. Can be used as collateral

When mortgaged, the value of gold is more rational than when you pawn electronic items such as cell phones or laptops. The funds you need can also be disbursed quickly through this mortgage process. You can get money without having to give up your gold.

Disadvantages of Gold Investment

One of them is prone to theft and expensive storage costs. If it is not stored in a deposit box, then your gold can be prone to theft.

If you want to keep it in your own home, you should at least have a personal safe to make it safer. Meanwhile, to store gold in a safe deposit box, a minimum fund that must be spent is IDR 750,000.

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