Steps to Success for Property Agents When Open House – An open house or survey of buildings and property locations, such as houses or apartments, is the most important stage in determining whether or not a house is sold.

Although recently there have been many supporting technologies such as 360 videos and photos that help buyers find out about property projects from afar, the open house tradition still needs to be maintained. Especially if you want to sell your used house.

Building conditions that do not match the description can of course affect the price negotiation process. The presence of a property agent is also very important when an open house takes place.

Steps to Success for Property Agents When Open House

Steps to Success for Property Agents When Open House

An agent, of course, must be able to be neutral and try to provide benefits for both parties, for buyers and sellers. Check out some of the following tips for successful open houses for property agents:

1. Promotion of open house schedule

Of course, the open house must be carried out in accordance with the agreement beforehand. Especially if the house is still occupied by the owner or tenant.

You can ask the landlord when the day and time are right to hold an open house. Then you can promote the schedule in ad listings, social media, or broadcast messages to attract potential buyers.

2. Post a banner

Still in the context of promoting open house events, apart from online promotions, you also need to do offline promotions such as putting up banners or arrows to the location. The goal is to make your house easy to find by potential buyers who don’t understand the location of their house.

Then when the open house takes place, you may need to put up promotional decorations such as decorative balloons and so on to attract the attention of passers-by to be interested in participating in the open house.

3. The more crowded, the better

An explanation of the ins and outs of the house is of course quite long and will take time. For this reason, the more visitors to the open house, the more meaningful it will be and increase the chances of selling the house.

Invite neighbors to come and chat with potential home buyers. That way your potential buyers will be more confident and feel that your home is one of the top wishlists.

4. Open the conversation first

It seems simple, but usually the open house process runs stiffly if the seller and the buyer of the house are the type of people who are firm in their stance. That’s where your role is to break the ice and try to express the interests of both parties in a relaxed manner.

Remember, during an open house an agent must be able to act as an event guide who is able to provide an explanation about the house until the debriefing takes place.

5. Prepare snacks

Food is an important finishing touch at your open house. Prepare baked cakes and fresh drinks to be served to potential buyers and anyone who comes to your home open house.

Equally important, adjust the format of the open house event to the type of property being sold and also the selling price. Good luck!

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